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    1) I have posted the weekly assignment in files and documents, IGCSE biology, folder Week 4/20-4/24. It is keystone kingdoms project.  The file has both the work for students and the answer keys. So please only fill the blank section and use the answer keys to help. 2) My weekly zoom meeting will be held Weds. 9:00am 
    Posted by pilipsjd  On Apr 20, 2020 at 9:35 AM
    Hello all, Starting this Weds. 4/15 at 9am-9:30 I will be hosting a Zoom meeting for any student who would like to check in and ask live questions about work. I will be around from 8-10am via email on Weds. live and on Monday from 12-2 via email live.  Meeting ID: 960-6246-1454 Password: 9pUNc3 Each week I will send out assignments via email and posted on my class page. There will be a weekly quiz posted on the textbook website for anyone who wants to test their knowledge. It will grade instantly so you will know how you did. The folders on the class page will be make with with weeks work.  Week 4/13-4/17- 1) Read and answer questions in Chapter 13, readers. 2) Complete attached worksheet 3) Log into textbook and complete quizzes. If your log in doesn't work please contact me.  J. Pilipski
    Posted by pilipsjd  On Apr 13, 2020 at 11:12 AM
    Hello All, After the governors announcement yesterday I checked and no one will have access to classrooms for at least a month plus. That means any and all work stuck in my room is well stuck in my room. Any online test done will be used as a way to improve your 3rd quarter grade. I will only count it if it improves your overall score that way it can't bring you down. If you have any NHIs in the 3rd quarter you can still make them up. Scan the document or take pics using your phone and send me the completed work.  J.PIlipski
    Posted by pilipsjd  On Mar 31, 2020 at 2:24 PM
    Hello all, I have posted 4 test from the 4 chapters on the textbook website we got to cover in the 3rd quarter.  With the date currently make sure you switch your student vue to 3rd quarter to view it. It is now automatically in the 4th.  You can retake any or all of the test posted. If you have a particular quiz you need to make up please let me know. Also I have responded to everyone who asked for password and log in for the textbook site.  I have added new assignments into chapter 13-16 for those who what to stay up to date and keep learning. As of now it is not required but recommended. 
    Posted by pilipsjd  On Mar 30, 2020 at 2:37 PM
    I realized I have emailed everyone but I also know I get some emails bouncing back. So I will also post on my class page. - I have posted the last 4 chapters on the testbook website (it can be found in the links tab) If a student needs their login please email me. - You will have one chance so be ready.  - I you have and individual quiz or assignment from the 3rd quarter please let me know. Most can be found on the class page in documents. - Moving forward I have loaded the next 4 chapters on ecology 13-16 in the documents tab. Right now do the readings fill in the questions and notes just like class. You can do the reviews. Also the online textbook has lots of videos and assignments. - I will post extra assignments and activites in those folders for those who want to keep pace.
    Posted by pilipsjd  On Mar 26, 2020 at 6:51 PM