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Welcome to Brentsville High School Orchestra!


Concert and Sinfonia orchestras have class on Even Days. 
Concert Orchestra: 8:25-10:10
Sinfonia Orchestra: 10:45-12:20

To Contact Me:

Since I am at 2 different schools, email is the best way to contact me. My address is 

Update: March 23, 2020
Hello, Orchestra families!           
 What a strange twist this year has taken – I sincerely hope you’re all safely at home with your families. Here are the answers to questions and some orchestra-related activities you can work on while school’s out. If you have questions, please email me and I’ll do my best to answer!

If you own your instrument, and it’s at home with you: great! Skip to the next part.
If you left your instrument at school: it is unlikely that you’ll get it back anytime soon. Check the orchestra webpage for some instrumentless activities. You can play note-reading games, spend a few minutes writing the letters/numbers in your music, and watch performance videos.
If you are renting an instrument from school: yes, you will still return it at the end of the year. More info will be available, probably not anytime soon though.
If you are renting an instrument from a store: Keep renting it! The more you play, the better you'll be set up for next year. The orchestra website will have some fun games and challenges this spring!

Where to find orchestra information

The TNS and BDHS orchestra website is being updated daily with videos, activities, and information. This is where you will find links to Flipgrid and Youtube, and suggested apps and games.

What can I do to keep up in orchestra?
I recommend 20-30 minutes (or more!) per day of orchestra stuff. You can mix it up with any of the activities below:
    Check the weekly ‘practice assignment’ suggestion on your class webpage!
    Watch performance videos!
    Record a flipgrid video!
    Check out the challenge of the week!
    Play a note-reading game!

My instrument is so out of tune I can’t fix it!
Email me! I will happily set up a zoom, skype, or Microsoft teams meeting so I can talk you through tuning with with pegs.  (If/when you break a string from tuning with pegs by yourself, I recommend Prelude brand strings, they’re available on Amazon or from any music store website.)

Helpful apps are posted on the orchestra website. A tuning app is especially recommended.

Reminder: you should have:
Instrument, shoulder rest (violins and violas), bow, rosin, orchestra folder with sheet music. 

Stay safe, and email with any questions!


                                               Ms. Henke