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 IGCSE Physics


Below i have outlined what we have covered and what we have not covered as of when we left school on the 12th of march.  If you have any questions please let me know

IGSE Units of Study

Units of Study
We have covered up to unit 6 and our next unit was going to be unit 7 fluid mechanics.  You all can access the documents on the google drive i have shared with you.  the link is under useful links.  I have uploaded all the powerpoints and worksheets we would be working on in each chapter.

AICE units of study

AICE class ... we were going to work on momentum than work energy and power for the next units and than since we already have done waves move to electric fields and so on.   I plan to put the chapters on schoology with powerpoints and worksheets i have made for them all and whatever else i can find.  To review for the AICE test at the end of the year i plan to send you practice tests with the answers from cambridge so you can check your work.  I am readily available for help.  Just send me an email.

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