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4/22/20 This week’s reading list is as follows:



Photosynthesis Reading List:

  • Ch 4.1
  • Ch 4.2
  • Ch 4.3

Under the Student Premium Link, Choose “Animations and Simulations” View:

  • 4.1: Photosynthesis and Respiration
  • 4.2: Photosynthesis
  • 4.3 Electron Transport Chains of Photosynthesis


4/22/20 YouTube Playlist

Ch 4.1 – 4.3 Photosynthesis Playlist (link)

4/15/20 Youtube Video Playlist (link)
4/15/20 Reading list: Ch 18.1 18.2, and 18.3 Viruses

View Resources, 
Visual Concepts:

18.2 Virus
18.2 Bacteriophage,
18.2 Lytic Cycle

Ch 5 Cell Cycle Playlist, Mr. K Videos on Youtube
Ch 6 Genetics Playlist, Mr. K Videos on Youtube

Curriculum Information
Click "Files and Documents" tab to the left, to find an instructional calendar for the Bio 1 and Bio II classes.  This document will explain which course objectives have been covered, as of 3/12/20, and what objectives remain.  

When the county advises us that we may resume instruction, I will contact students and parents with a plan for remote instruction.

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Course syllabi and files can be found to the left, under Files and Documents.

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 8:25 - 10:10  3rd Block Biology  2nd Block Planning
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