Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding".
-Robert John Meehan

Dear students and parents/guardians,

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, there have been nearly daily changes and updates as to how distance learning is being handled as we adapt to directives from health officials and the governor. As of 3/23/2020, we will not be returning back to school for the rest of the year. We will be continuing our school year using various online resources.

Nothing new will be posted during our regularly-scheduled spring break. Grades for work assigned prior to closure will be posted by Thursday, 3/27.

You can email me@ Andersev@pwcs.edu, if you have any further questions or if you need technical assistance, please contact Jason Bryce at brycejx@pwcs.edu.

Students in class are on various levelsThey are guided by their individualized education plan. These standards have been used since the beginning of the school year along with various VAAP standards. They are:  

Reading Standards 

1.The student will apply knowledge of how print is organized and read.  

a) Read from left to right and from top to bottom.  

b) Match pictures/words with print.  

c) Identify and understand letters, words, sentences, and ending punctuation. 

2. The student will use semantic clues and pictures and syntax for support when reading.  

a) Use and understand words, phrases, and sentences.  

b) Use titles and pictures.  

c) Use information in the story to read words.  

3. The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of fictional texts 

a) Preview the selection. 
b) Relate previous experiences to what is read. 
c) Make and confirm predictions. 
d) Ask and answer who, what, when, where, why, and how questions about what is read. 

e) Identify characters, setting, and important events. 
f) Retell stories and events, using beginning, middle, and end in a sequential order. 

Writing Standard 

1.The student will understand print. 

2. Student will print legibly in manuscript.  

a) Form letters accurately. 
b) Space words within sentences. 

3. The student will edit writing for capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.  

a) Use complete sentences. 
b) Begin each sentence with a capital letter and use ending punctuation. 
c) Use correct spelling for commonly used sight words and phonetically regular words.(a, it, isetc). 

4. The student will write in a variety of forms to include narrative, descriptive, and opinion.  
b) Use prewriting activities given. 
c) Focus on one topic with picture, using descriptive words. 
d) Organize writing in complete sentences. 
e) Revise by adding descriptive words when writing about people, place, things, and events.  

Math Standards 

Since all students in class are on various levels, they work on math goals directed by their individualized education plan. The standards used are in accordance with the PWCS standards and Virginia standards.