Below you will find information pertaining to all objectives that have been covered this year.  There are two different files, one that is very generic in topics covered and assessed and one that is more detailed with objectives, dates and actual content topics.  More detailed information (including notes and homework assigned during the year) on each unit can be found in the "Files and Documents" tab on the left.

Below you will also find review materials for all topics taught in Unit 1 - Unit 7.  Students can use the review material to stay up to date with all taught curriculum. 

Beginning the week of 3/30, I will begin posting video's and Quizziz.  I will begin with the most recent material and work my way back to Unit 1.  Students who need to retake quizzes or test sections need to wait for those sections to have video's and Quizziz created so they can complete the required practice (Quizziz) and then can attempt the retake assignment.  All retakes will require the student and parent to agree to the Honor Code on Cheating and sign the retake assessment.  Please be patient as I am creating all of the video's myself and they take time to create.  I want the students to hear my voice and review the way I taught them all year.

FREE ONLINE RESOURCE (Access through CLEVER in Office 365):
Khan Academy
Discovery Education

JLAB (SOL Question Practice):

video's:   Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
              Multiplying Polynomials
              Dividing a Polynomial by a Monomial
              GFC and Difference of Squares
              Multiplying with Exponents
              Negative and Zero Exponents
              Dividing/Combination with Exponents
              Scientific Notation


              Slope Intercept Form

  Standard Form