Rick Adams

I am starting my fourth year as teacher in Virginia, and my third year at BDHS. I will be teaching Team Taught Biology, US Government, and 12 English.

UPDATE 3/27,

I hope everyone is staying safe and practicing good health methods during this interesting time. I am here to help and assist anyone that is needing help in one of our classes. All you need to do is email me @adamsrm@pwcs.edu and I will get you the answer you need. I have also, posted each Team Teachers Teacher Page. Each of your teachers have posted interactive actives for to keep up with as few are out of school. 

Mr Kourmadas Pd 1st and 7th  Biology


Mr. Taylor Pd 4th Government


Ms. Shelly Pd 4th English 12


Ms. Johnson Pd 5th Biology 

Ms. Gerhard Pd 6th Biology



My Schedule:

1st Block- Team Taught Biology with Mr. Kourmadas
2nd Block- Planning
3rd Block - Resource Room
4th Block - I am split between Gov't with Mr. Taylor and Eng 12 with Ms. Shellenberger.
5th Block - Team Taught Biology with Ms. Johnson
6th Block - Team Taught Biology with Ms. Gerhard
7th Block - Team Taught Biology with Mr. Kourmadas

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at adamsrm@pwcs.edu