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General Information About the Cambridge ProgramFrequently Asked Questions

Basic Information and FAQs (PDF)

How do I view my results online from the most recent exam series?

1. Email Mr. Carbo for your login credentials, including username, password and instructions.
2. Visit Cambridge's My Results service online. Note: this services only allows access to the most recent exam series (June 2021).
3. Enter your login credentials. Note: carefully enter or copy and paste your username and password without any spaces.
4. Reach out to Mr. Carbo if you have difficulty logging into My Results. 

You can access results online via My Results from August until October when official results certificates are issued and mailed. If you need to report results more urgently to your chosen university or college, see "How do I report my results to my College/University?" below. 

How do I report my results to my College/University?

Students in the United States can now request that Cambridge send transcripts of their exam results directly to their chose College/University online for free by visiting:

Provisional results from the June Exam series become available in mid-August. Official results become available in late September/early October of the same year.  BDHS will send certificates to the last address on file for graduated seniors but BDHS does not send results to Colleges/Universities; it is the responsibility of the student to report their Cambridge results to their chosen College/University.

Should you have questions about your results, email Mr. Carbo (

Look Here in November for Information About Applying for the 2022-2023 School Year

There are two parts of the application for the Cambridge Program:

1. Online Application
2. Academic Transcripts (NON-PWCS students ONLY)

* Please note that once accepted to a program, program participants in good standing need not re-apply each year.

For more information regarding the application process, academic transcripts and acceptance timelines, see our Guide to the Application process.

 Online Application
Link to PWCS Specialty Programs Page

application for specialty program transfer goes live each November.

If you reside in Prince William County on January 1, 2022, applicants must submit the required PWCS online application form (above) by February 1, 2022 to be considered for admission to the Cambridge Programme at BDHS. 


If you reside in Prince William County on January 1 applicants must submit the required PWCS online application form (live link available late October/Early November) by February 1 to be considered for admission to the Cambridge Programme at BDHS. 

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Have questions or can't find what you're looking for? Contact Mr. Carbo,, Specialty Program Coordinator.

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