All students should be taking home instruments and music after each orchestra class to practice. Cello and Bass players should bring their music folder to each class,
then take it at the end of class.
Violin and viola players have enough time at the end of each day to retrieve instruments from the orchestra classroom. If a student is checking out early, they should take the instrument home before leaving the school.

What we've learned this year: Sinfonia pacing guide 2019-2020

Note-reading & Music Theory

Scales & Technique

Ensemble Skills

Practice Skills


1st Quarter

Key signature review: C, G, D, A, F major.

C, G, D (2 octaves) Shifting to 3rd position. All-County audition scales.

Rehearsal readiness Beginning together: bow placement, breathing

Listening for intonation Isolating practice sections

Small Ensemble Pieces
American Sketches (October concert)

2nd Quarter (sub)

Key signature rules for sharps and flats. Melodic minor scale pattern (quiz).

Minor scales: d, a, e, b
Recognizing musical reasons for shifting sections in music.

Small ensemble rehearsal etiquette: productive corrections and strategies to end together.

‘Internal metronome’. Practice strategies: slow down, take out details to focus on challenge.

Evil Eye Hideous Heart
(November Concert)

Learning At Home: End of 3rd Quarter

-       Play through minor scales: listen for changing notes when descending!
-       Practice shifting on each string: can you hear ringing tones and match the open strings?
-       Check out the new music (available soon) in the “files” section.
-       Record yourself playing the minor scales on Flipgrid! Your code is bdhsadvorch
-       Try any of the play-along songs (see website!). There’s a new one every week! Email requests to Ms. Henke
-       Play note-reading games: see the orchestra website
Watch performance videos and respond to questions!

What if I don’t have my instrument?

- Watch performance videos (check the orchestra website each week!)
- Play note-reading games
- Write letter names or finger numbers in your music
- Play an air-instrument for a few minutes each day (this seriously helps!)