Kailey Pulos Hoang
(Ms. Pulos)


 UPDATE 3/25/2020:

  • For learning objectives and key skills taught as of 3/12/2020, please click here
  • For materials and resources to support review, please check messages sent through The Hub from Ms. Pulos, and see the "Useful Links" and "Files and Documents" pages on the left-hand side of the screen
  • For directions, guidance, and resources to support past assignments, please email Ms. Pulos for more information or with questions or concerns

Class Schedule: 


Black Days

Orange Days


Concert Choir Concert Choir


Vocal Ensemble Treble Choir


Men's Choir Varsity Choir
6/7 Planning Planning

Office Hours: By Appointment

BDHS Choral Handbook 2019-2020.pdf
BDHS Choral Calendar 2019-2020.pdf

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