As of March 13, behind the wheel sessions have been suspended.  Due to the Governor executive order, no in person instruction and education is allowed until June 10th. (at least) For now, you may register on the below website but please hold your payments.  Check back on this website for updates (when we have them!) If we can provide behind the wheel sessions this summer, we will post those available sessions here.


Email Mrs. Tousha with questions: 

*You must have a permit and earned a DEC-1 completion certificate to do behind the wheel! 

What does behind the wheel instruction entail? 

1) 7 days (50 min driving, 50 min observation each lesson) of quality instruction from a Prince William County teacher who is also certified in teaching classroom and behind the wheel drivers education
Day one: Range.  Forward tracking, reverse tracking
    Day two: Range.  Maneuvering the vehicle.  figure 8, x (reverse to left and  
                   right), angle parking, garage (t exercise)
    Day three: Road.  Residential and rural route.  Focus on speed, breaking,
                      following distance, push/pull steering, etc.
    Day four: Road.  City and town route.  Traffic lights, intersections, lane
                    changes, choosing proper lanes, etc
    Day five: Road.  Open road.  Higher speed situations, lane changing, 
                   estimating yellow lights, yielding, braking distance, etc.
    Day six: Road: Interstate driving.  Merging, yielding, interstate driving
    Day seven: Road test.

2) We recommend that students have at least 10 hours of guided practice with a parent or guardian before our class, but it is not a requirement.  Students should be working to complete the 45 hour driving log while they have their permit.  It must be turned in before the license is issued by the behind the wheel instructor.

How do I sign up?

Step 1: Get permit 
Step 2: Have completed classroom drivers education and has a pink DEC completion card.
Step 3: Register online here
Step 4: Pay.  Bring a $250 check or money order written to BDHS with the student name, permit number and expiration date in the memo
Step 5: Sign up for a 7 day session (2 days range, followed by 5 days road)

* We will drive all school year, but not on code red days, holidays and teacher workdays.

*** email Mrs. Tousha with questions, issues, and help signing up

  Licensing procedures powerpoint (informational):
Licensing pwrpt 2018-19.pptx