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IGCSE English 10 IGCSE English 10


Planning Film Study


Film Study IGSCE English 10


IGCSE English 10 Duty / Planning

IGSCE 10 Syllabus (2019-2020)

Film Studies Syllabus (2019 - 2020)

ATTENTION 2019 - 2020 IGCSE 10 STUDENTS!!! - June 7 Update!

IGCSE English 10 Students and Parents:

 (IGCSE English 10 learning objectives covered so far). 

Instructional Hours: Mondays, 8-10 a.m. (Questions? Concerns? Contact Ms. Horn at )
Virtual Office Hours: Wednesdays, 12-2 p.m. (
Questions? Concerns?Contact Ms. Horn at )

IGCSE English 10 School Closure Learning Activities (Week of June 8-12)


  • Reflection & Looking Ahead


  • -  Select any TWO topics of interest and complete them by 6/12!


  • SAT Vocabulary Challenge - Choose one of the sets of opposite words ( BIG/LITTLE ; OLD/YOUNG ; FAST/SLOW ; QUIET/LOUD ) and do the activities below.
    1. Using a thesaurus, select 5 challenging synonyms for each of the words you chose.
    2. Write an example sentence that uses each of your synonym words and illustrates the word's meaning. 
    3. Find at least one image that represents the meaning of each of your synonym words. 
    4. Email Ms. Horn your word list, sentences, and images. 

Extension / Related Skills
  • -  SOL Prompt Practices 1-15 and Writing Mini-LessonsGrammar Passage Practice, Grammar Mini-Lessons
  • Newsela - I've assigned a few articles I thought made some interesting connections to Long Way Down. I especially recommend the article on Dante's Inferno, which I can definitely see connections to in LWD! Post your thoughts on our Teams discussion board! (Access Newsela through Clever, an App on Office 365)
  • National Theatre at Home - London's National Theatre is showing one of their productions for free on YouTube every week, beginning Thursday, April 2. Each play will be available for free for ONE WEEK. They've announced their first 4 shows & 2 are works we read this year! Check it out - their shows are AMAZING!!! (   May 21 - 28  A Streetcar Named Desire; May 28 - June 4  This House; June 4 - 11  Coriolanus)
  • Personal Reading - Read something of your own choice! Challenge yourself to read something new! Studies show that reading 20 minutes a day exposes you to almost 2 million words in a school year!


Film Studies 2019-2020 - June 7 Update!!!

(Film Studies learning targets covered so far this year)

Instructional Hours: Mondays, 8-10 a.m. (Questions? Concerns?Contact Ms. Horn at )
Virtual Office Hours: Wednesdays, 12-2 p.m. (
Questions? Concerns?Contact Ms. Horn at ) 

Suggested Film Study School Closure Learning Activities (week of June 8-12)
1 - Reflection -  
Take a few minutes and respond to the Film Studies End of Year Survey. Share your opinions and let your voice be heard! 

Fun Extension Activities / Related Skills

  • Make your own short film! If you have an Apple device, try Clips, a free app that allows you to film & edit in one app! Very user-friendly! 
  • Participate in an online movie discussion on Microsoft Teams! (I've already posted a review of the best movie I've watched during the closure!)
  • Newsela - I've assigned a few articles on film-related topics, including film-related careers! Read an article and post your response on our Microsoft Teams discussion board! (Access Newsela through Clever, an Office 365 app)

Film History Live Binder Link
Password: film

"Text to Screen" Parent Letter/Permission Form

"The Filmmaking Process" Presentation

Marking Period 3 Units of Study:
IGCSE English 10:
SAT Vocabulary
Sentence Diagramming
Claim-Evidence-Warrant (Structure for Analytic Composition) 
Jane Eyre 
Poetry, Long Way Down 

Film Study:
Genre Studies - Comedy, Suspense, Genre Project

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