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Content Covered HPE II 2019-2020
content covered

March 25, 2020 Communication:

Good afternoon!  I hope this message finds you well.  I have updated all grades from the 3rd quarter PE units and our latest health unit including CPR/first aid, prescription drugs, and mental health.  Here are some important details

1.  Check your grades.  If you have a "1" the assignment and or assessment can be made up for full credit.  (same policy all year).  If the grade is blank, consider yourself excused.

2.  Please reach out to me via email ASAP and I will help you.

3.  I am posting communication and future information in teams and on my website for enrichment.  

4.  Do yourself a favor and keep moving!  Please, log your activity (no matter what it is) into our "Welnet" activity logs.  No, it's not a grade but there is no harm logging your fitness!  Perhaps we can have a little healthy competition! :)    

5.  Many of you have driver education related questions.... behind the wheel, lost DEC-8 completion cards, licensing questions, 90 min parent/teen presentation attendance....  I do not have any answers right now and have zero access to the school building.  When I know things, I will post them on my website, the driver education teacher page, and email.  Feel free to email me at any time.

Stay well!

Mrs. Tousha'

Phys. Ed

Brentsville District High School

March 23, 2020 Communication:

Good morning/afternoon Brentsville PE students and parents!
     We hope that this message finds you well!  We have missed seeing you at school, in the gym, on the sports fields, and in the weight room.  So, what's your plan?  Do you have any goals that you now have more time for?  When this is over, is there anything that you hope to be able to accomplish?  You are in your final years of physical education (because you are in high school), and we believe that you are prepared for this health emergency.  You have learned games, workouts, fitness activities, how to assess your fitness, create fitness/wellness goals, covered many health topics, and it's time to put these things to the test!  What are you doing for YOURSELF when you aren't being held accountable?  No one is watching.  It doesn't matter..... BUT.... it does matter, doesn't it.  You are/will be finding that you are in control of your own health and wellness.  Physical fitness and mental wellness is necessary for LIFE.  
    So, what should we be doing?  A few hours of learning and a few hours of doing should be our goal each day.  Learning includes school work, learning something new, researching a new topic, making goals, reading (to learn or for fun), etc.  Doing includes manual home tasks (walking the dog/gardening/cleaning), fitness activities, recreation games, etc.   Challenging your mind and body is a human requirement.  It fends of boredom, give you a sense of purpose, and it leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment when you are finished!  
For Brentsville Physical Education, we are asking that our students enter our activities into a digital log.  Its easy.  
Here are the instructions: wellnet fitness log instructions.docx  
Goal is 5 hours a week, but don't stress about that, there in no minimum or maximum.  Remember all of the components of fitness: muscular strength, cardiorespiratory, flexibility, coordination, speed, power, etc.   Even Mr. Reedy can use this log, so you know its easy 🙂  

Frequently Asked Questions

Directions: Complete optional activity log a week for the duration of school hiatus.  This can be completed on a desktop computer or a mobile device.  Each log begins on a Monday and ends on a Sunday.  The log closes for entry on the following Monday

Goal: 5 hours a week of exercise, movement, workouts, manual labor, leisure activity, active game, coordination activity, recreation activity, etc.  Enter any activity, no matter how little or big!

Is this graded?  No, however the log may be used when school returns to evaluate progress, self-reflect, and may become bonus points/extra credit. 

Who can see the log?  Only the student and teacher can see the entries for the activity log

Stay healthy!
Brentsville Physical Education
Holly Tousha

March 16, 2020 Communication: 

The main purpose of this email is to give you some great ideas to remain active during your time away from school.  Physical fitness is great for your overall health and well being.  I hope the spring brings great weather to get outside.  Here are some great recommendations from me to you!

  • Beach body is offering a free two weeks to try their program :)
  • Use a tracking application like "Strava" to create runs and bike workouts!
  • Darebe is a free website for workouts of all sorts.  Its awesome: 
  • if you already pay for Netflix, dishnetwork, youtube TV, and a host of others they often have workout channels and programs to do for free!
  • Spikeball, badminton, tennis, recreation games, ping pong are all small games for small groups that would be great for quarantine situations.
  • Check out my teacher page for some in home workouts with zero equipment.  
  • Free apps: 30 day fitness challenge, Home workout-No equipment, 7 min workout, etc.  There are too many to count!

Finally as of last night, we were informed to not assign any work.  I am not assigning any new work and I am not going to update my grades or accept any work until we get back from hiatus.  Upon return to school, we will be in physical education.  Adjustments will have to be made to the PE units we have left, but I am definitely looking forward to being back!  At that point, I will give students a week to complete any missed health assignments from our last unit, including health EverFi assignments (prescription drug and mental health).  There is no penalty if you cannot complete work during our time off.  You will be given time to complete it when we come back in April!  If you want to knock it out, remember 1. Log into clever 2.  Use your office 365 credentials  3. scroll down and find the application "Everfi"  4. Make sure the prescription drug and mental health modules are complete.  Hint:  EverFi does work on a mobile device, but it may work better on a desktop.  It can be completed either way.   

Stay healthy!

Mrs. Tousha

The workouts are in no order.  Feel free to mix them up and repeat some!   100 burpee challenge  100 burpees (full to the ground and with a jump) for time (aim for 7-9 min)  The 3 tabatas   1 tabata = (20 sec on/10 sec rest x 8).     Air squat Tabata, pushup/plank Tabata, sit up Tabata  3 ring circuits  10 rounds  25 mountain climbers, 25 sit ups, 25 lunges, 25 seconds rest   Round em up  For 15 min: 20 jumping jacks, 15 air squats, 10 sit ups, 5 push ups.  (See if you can get between 12 and 15 rounds!)  For funzies  With a soccer ball or basketball, squat/toss/catch.  100 times.  Remember: knees out, to parallel or below, toss to about 10 feet in the air.  Deck of cards  Use a deck of cards  A spade is a step up (use a chair, bench, or stair), A heart is a single leg dead lift, A club is a sit up, A diamond is burpee  Do the number of reps on the card (ex: 3 of diamonds = 3 burpees)  Queen/jack/king = 10 reps  Ace = 1 rep  100s  Break up anyway you want.  Workout is for time  100 jumping jacks, 100 mountain climbers, 100 sit ups, 100 lunges  Act your age, not your shoe size  Reps= your age in years  Rounds = your age in years  Toe taps to ball/hip thrusts (prison food)/side lunges/situps/1 min rest    (ex: 15 toe taps/15 hip thrusts/15 side lunges/15 situps/rest 1 min for 15 rounds     Workout timer recommendation:  My favorite is “Smartwod timer” but there are tons that are cool and easy to set.  I look for a timer that I can set intervals, count down, count up, Tabata, and has beeps so you don’t have to see the clock the whole time.   It will run in the background and even play when music is playing on your phone.

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 Health and PE II syllabus: SYLLABUS 2019 BDHS.docx

Drivers Education classroom 36 hour course is a part of our health curriculum.  We will be working on classroom drivers education from September through Christmas break.  See the drivers education information page for more information.
Students will earn a completion certificate (DEC-1 district 8) for classroom drivers education if they
    1. Pass the classroom course
    2. attend 36 hours (do not miss more than 3 class periods of drivers ed)
    3. attend a 90 min parent/student drivers education presentation this year

See the PWCS parent/student driver presentation schedule here:

We will be beginning Family Life Education in January and February. 
Our topics will include practicing abstinence, reproductive system, pregnancy (pregnancy prevention) and childbirth, STD's and reproductive diseases, and violence prevention (dating violence, etc).  If you would like to opt out of the unit(s) and objectives, please go fill out the opt out form from the Prince William County Website and an alternative assignment each day will be given.  Contact me with any questions at

PE make up form:  Make sure you complete 60 min of activity, and reflect on the back!
 PE Class Make-Up Form 2019.docx

Class Schedule: 


Black Days

Orange Days








planning planning





Office Hours:
After school by appointment.   D LUNCH.  Advisory (room 1302)

Behind the Wheel instruction:  sign up here online once the student has a permit. Driving is typically done from 2:15pm to 4pm unless otherwise noted.  We also will have a summer school driving session in June/July.  Once the registration is complete, bring Mrs. Tousha a check for $240 made to BDHS and the student name, permit #, and expiration in the memo.  email with questions:  The schedule for the next month will be loaded in the middle of the previous month. Please check out the drivers education teacher page for all of the frequent session information!    


Drivers License Procedures
Licensing pwrpt 2018-19.pptx
~Classroom Drivers Education
~Behind the Wheel  

Are you studying for your permit?  Our awesome librarian Mrs. DeDominicis has hooked us up with a great resource to study with!  Its online and here is the link!:
  Permit Test Practice Online

Also, you can check out the DMV practice tests online!



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