Below you will find a the full scheme of work for AICE High Math 1. I have indicated which topics we have learned so far this year, and the remaining topics also include links to helpful web content for learning those concepts. I will also post (and email) relevant review material as needed. I encourage students to work through the same topics on Khan Academy and/or work through the review exam that was posted on Microsoft Teams. On Khan Academy, remember to use the log in that is "attached" to our class, or resubscribe using the code XVPKD6JY

I will be posting online "classes" and scheduling remote review sessions during which I can answer questions and clarify topics as needed.  Students should carefully monitor their school emails for these resources.

Feel free to email me with any questions!
Looking for ways to raise your MP3 grade?
  1. Make sure any homework due on or before March 5 is submitted.
  2. If you'd like retake a quiz, send me an email listing the topics you'd like to improve. I will reply with a Khan Academy assignment and a very short worksheet for you to complete. This will count as your retake.