Angela Steinebach   


Class Schedule:  


Black Days

Orange Days


Chem I Chem I


Chem I Planning


Planning Chem I





Office Hours: 
Monday- Friday 7am-2:30pm; unless otherwise scheduled.


Please look under files and documents for the class Syllabus. 

Google Classroom:   Once you have a Gmail account.

I will be using google classrooms this year in all of my classes. Both students and parents can keep themselves updated with the latest news of the class using my google classroom. Quiz, test, or major assessments will be posted on the calendar for each class. Students will have opportunity to upload files and stay in contact with me through this site. Please login into your Gmail account and become a member of my class as soon as possible. I have listed my class codes below. Please use the code that corresponds with your class and block. I look forward to seeing you next week. :)

Chemistry I 1st block - 52r90tb

Chemistry 1 2nd block - b4rcru

Chemistry I 5th block - 837bz4

Forensic Chemistry II 6th Block - aivt5i5

Forensic Chemistry II 7th Block - t6wge7

Please let me know if you have any trouble getting to your classroom page.



NHI (not handed in) will be given for ANY assignment a student is absent for.  This means the assignment has not been completed yet.  Once the student completes the assignment the NHI will be removed and the grade will be put in.

E (excused) will be put in for an assignment the student is not responsible for due to absence or individual circumstances.

NG (not graded) will be put in for an assignment that a student has not turned in but still may turn in if they wish.


How to Set-up Calendar Alerts: 
If your child is in my class, and you would like to receive email alerts for items posted to my calendar, you may view step-by-step directions here: 

Please note: You will receive a separate email alert for each calendar you choose to subscribe to.