“Anchors Aweigh!”

The Navy shouts “Anchor’s Aweigh” when the ship hoists anchor and the ship is officially under way. The information below describes the importance of the "Files and Documents" tab. 

  1. For chemistry students, I will place new documents on the main page then shift them into a new folder entitled “Looking for Me?”. Oceanography students will have their own folder to obtain documents.


  2. The April Schedule document will change occasionally. It will concentrate on major concept recitation and assign the homework directly related to what was last taught in class. Just like class, you should refer to this document often as it keeps us all together. All new material is highly recommended, but not graded. 


  3. Naming Compound/Reaction Writing Clinic. I hosted this a few times this year after school because it is the quintessential topic of the course. It is more than highly suggested you take this document seriously.


  4. “Beat the Virus” was my initial document in response to school closure. It was my summer assignment for all chemistry students. This provides a good background into the more practical nature of chemistry.


  5. Notes #5 & 6 have been attached if you lost it or left it at school. Sections A-E have been taught so assigning homework here is not a problem.


  6. Boot Camp Schedule – I have conducted two Boot Camps this year and will conduct a final one through Zoom Meetings. I am looking forward to the new experience as it may be more useful to those who need remediation.


  7. Communication – You all have been trained to obtain documents from my PWCS webpage. This will continue to be the primary source of communication for the course. As my syllabus states, you may email me at any time with special circumstances to negotiate an alternate due date. I look forward to helping you retain the chemistry concepts that you have worked so hard to achieve thus far. You will soon see that a solid foundation has been provided for you.

Contact Information:  stietzge@pwcs.edu