Elsasser - Classroom Video Playlist (YouTube)
This is a created and public playlist of all the videos that I use in class to reaffirm the material we all discuss. If there was a cool video I showed that you liked, it's most likely located in this playlist. 
**Constantly updated!

Perseus Database: Greek and Roman Materials
** AICE CLASSICAL STUDIES: This database has primary and secondary source materials. 

The Development of the New Testament Canon
This is a research website that cross references different people and how they viewed the different books within the New Testament, along with how they went about creating and crafting the New Testament as it is today.

Text of Hammurabi's Code
This takes you to Yale's Avalon Project that deals with historical documents. This will show you all 282 codes from ancient Mesopotamia/Babylon under King Hammurabi. 

Did "Lucy" Fall From a Tree?

Recent discovery (Aug. 29, 2016) that Lucy, the Australopithecus found in Ethiopia, actually died from falling out of a tree.

2,000 Year Old Skeleton Found in Ancient Greek Shipwreck
​This link is to an (9/19/2016) article from Forbes about a shipwreck off of Greece! Check it out!

Spread of World Religions YouTube (Short)
This is about a 2-3 minute video showing the spread of the major religions of the world from Indus River Valley Civ to modern day time. 

PWCS JSTOR Access for Journals and Research
This link is accessible to those who have a PUBLIC LIBRARY CARD and may sign in to access the peer reviewed articles, journals, etc. for AICE Classics, PreAICE WHI, and WHI.