Mr. Redondo
Updated: 4/16/2020

TEAMS (download the application, or access from Office 365)

We will be using Microsoft Teams to share resources.  Please download the TEAMS application or access it from Office 365.  You can do it on any device.

Please continue practicing all vocabulary and grammar previously sent via email.

QUIZLET.COM (download the application)

Continue to practice vocabulary and grammar using QUIZLET.COM

Spanish Instructional hours

Thursday 10 am – 12 pm

Students should work on their Spanish practice during this instructional block.  It’ll all be review material.  

Spanish Office hours in TEAMS

Tuesday 12pm – 2pm

I will always be available by email throughout the week, but during Spanish Office hours, I will get back to you within 5-10 minutes. I’ll be available to promptly answer any questions or clarifications using the chat feature within Teams.

USE PWCS Home Learning website to continue mastering learning objectives and your academic progress.  



Unit 1: Joining the global community

Functions/Objectives: I can…

  • Spanish in the world
    • Identify stereotypes
    • Identify language communities world-wide
    • Recognize Spanish language variations
    • Recognize similarities between Spanish and English
    • Demonstrate intercultural awareness
  • Spanish in the classroom
    • Identify basic classroom objects
    • Use classroom expressions and make requests
    • Ask about & identify class items
    • Ask and tell how to say, spell, and identify meanings of words in Spanish
    • Ask for and give the day & date
  • Share personal demographic information
    • Ask for and give names
    • Ask and tell how others & I are feeling
    • Ask and tell where others & I are from
    • Ask for and state ages
    • Ask for and give birthdates
    • Request and provide contact information

Unit 2: My life at school

Functions/Objectives: I can…

  • Ask for and give the time
  • Identify and describe classroom objects
  • Locate objects in a classroom
  • Identify places around the school
  • Ask and say to where people go in the school
  • Discuss school schedules and say at what time classes begin & end
  • Express what people have and need for classes
  • Talk about what people do during class
  • Talk about events after school including at what time & where they occur
  • Identify and describe clothing
  • Discuss what people wear to school
  • Talk about the seasons and weather

Unit 3: My life at home

Functions/Objectives: I can…

  • Talk about family relationships
  • Make introductions
  • Describe physical and personality traits of others
  • State likes and dislikes based on personalities
  • Talk about leisure-time activities and where they take place
  • Talk about what people are going to do during free time
  • Ask and say what people want to do
  • Differentiate between what people have to do or want to do
  • Extend, accept, and decline an invitation to do an activity

Unit 4: My life in the community

Functions/Objectives: I can…

  • Talk about places in the city / community
  • Discuss how to go to a location within a community
  • Use transportation schedules (to include understanding the 24-hour clock to navigate within a community
  • Identify and describe foods and drinks
  • Order a simple meal and ask for the bill
  • Identify appropriate sounds and words to use when pausing in a conversation
  • Describe the flavor and current state of foods and beverages
  • Describe the current condition of people
  • Identify and describe clothing
  • Shop for clothing in a department store
  • Make a sales transaction in a clothing department







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