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Current Line-up 
In progress! More to come!

Hosts: Abigail Gloff, Frank Morris, and Symia Fitzpatrick
Performances by (in no particular order):
  1. Kevin Zapata-Valdez in "The Five Finger Fillet"
  2. Hope Stubenhofer, Lylia Satchell, Erin Gilhuly, and Somer Abano in "Marriage Mashup Lipsync"
  3. Hope Stubenhofer and Erin Gilhuly in "A Jazz Dance"
  4. Valerie MacIntosh, Arrianna Giles, Somer Abano, Valeria Imperi, Erin Gilhuly in "Candy Store" from "Heathers"
  5. Lily Feltman, Tanya Benitez, Shayla Beckman, Amelia Reedy, Claire Lord, Paul Duncan, and Frank Morris in "Disney Musicals Explained Badly"
  6. Amelia Reedy (vocals and ukulele) and Paul Duncan (vocals) in “Dear Happy,” by Dodie Clark and Thomas Sanders
  7. Paul Duncan, Julia Woolfrey, and Sydney Lawrence in "A Mad-Lib Date" written by Tori Baker
  8. Dawson Farley (vocals and piano), Sydney Lawrence (vocals), Amanda Haney (dance), and Julia Woolfrey (dance) in "The Night We Met" by Lord Huron
  9. Abigail Gloff (vocals and ukulele) and Dawson Farley (vocals) in "Coffee Breath" by Sofia Mills
  10. Ulrich Summerlin in "Fine on the Outside" by Priscilla Ahn

Special Effects Coordinators: Tori Baker, Andrew Allen