Andrew Miller

I will be sending out weekly emails with assignments and activities that we will be doing virtually for the remainder of the year. Nothing is require but highly recommended to better enrich our abilities and better prepare us for the future. I will be available by email most days but my official office hours are every Thursday from 12:00pm- 2:00pm. We will also be hosting classroom time during the scheduled block on every Tuesday 10:00am- 12:00pm. This time we will usually have a zoom meeting to review the materials as a class. I also am available to schedule zoom meetings if needed by appointment. Thank you all for your continued dedication to our program. Stay safe and healthy

Any students or parents that need to contact me please just email me at . If you need anything please just let me.  

Take care, 

Mr. Drew Miller

Class Schedule: 

Black Days

Orange Days


Planning Planning


Landscape II Planning


Turfgrass Management Landscape II


Turfgrass Management

Turfgrass Management

Office Hours:
****On Appointment Basis