Counseling Department FAQs

Brentsville Tiger Counseling

Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the members of the counseling department?

Please note counselors are assigned by the student’s last name:


Ms. Bartelmes

[email protected] 


Mr. Kline 

[email protected]


Mrs. Huerta

[email protected]


Mrs. Hagstrom

[email protected]


Mrs. Layton

[email protected]  


Mrs. Orezzoli

[email protected]


 School Psychologist:

Mr. Rosa

[email protected] 

 School Social Worker:

Mrs. Comfort

[email protected]

 New Horizons Counselor:

Ms. Ramirez

[email protected] 

 Career Counselor:

Mrs. Kerns

[email protected] 

What are the office hours?

Our office hours are 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

What is the role of a high school counselor?

Although we have many responsibilities, our primary role is to provide academic guidance and support to help ensure students are taking the courses. recommended/needed to meet their post-secondary goals. Please note that although we strive to support the student beyond academics, we are Professional School Counselors and not Licensed Mental Health Counselors. We will assess and address a student’s immediate emotional needs and recommend a course of action. In most cases, we are able to help students and they are able to return to their school day. We also:

¨ Meet with students

¨ Attend meetings to support students (parent/teacher conferences, senior IEP meetings, etc.)

¨ Offer career and academic counseling

¨ Visit classrooms

¨ Schedule college, military, and employer visits

¨ Train and assist students with Naviance

What is Naviance?

Naviance is a website containing college and career information as well as scholarship information. Every student in PWCS has an account.  Naviance website.

User Name: Student ID

Password: DOB (mm/dd/yyyy)

Naviance is also called Family Connections

How does a student or parent arrange to see the counselor?

Students in crisis should report to the counseling office to be seen immediately. Students with a question or non-pressing concern should come to the office between classes to fill out a request form. The counselor will then send a pass for them when they are available. Parents are invited to call or email their student’s counselor. Most questions can be answered via phone or email, but meetings will be scheduled when warranted.

How can I monitor and support my student’s academic progress?

The best ways to monitor your student’s progress are ongoing conversations with your students about their classes and performance and checking grades on ParentVue. It is recommended you check Parent Portal with your student to help facilitate discussion and provide guidance. It is also recommended that you frequently review teacher class pages. Parents are also encouraged to address questions or concerns directly to the teacher(s). Email is the best option to communicate with teachers. ParentVUE Website.

How do I arrange a parent/teacher conference?

If you want/need to meet with one/two teachers, please reach out directly to the teacher to set up a meeting. However, if you would like to meet with several/all of your student’s teachers, please let your student’s counselor know. The counselor will coordinate the meeting. Please also consider using Tiger Tracks in October and February. More information on these can be found on the school calendar and the Important Dates document on the main page.


I recently moved to the Brentsville area; how do I register my student(s)?

Contact our school registrar to set up a registration appointment. Also, use this opportunity to ensure you understand all the documentation required for your appointment. New student registration.

What are the ways in which a student may transfer to Brentsville?

 A student may transfer for a few reasons. The reasons are outlined in Regulation 721-2. Please review this regulation and direct any questions to the following as appropriate: specialty program transfer questions to Matt Carbo at [email protected]; all other requests (to include recent moves) to Katherine Meints at [email protected].


How does my student select courses for the following year?

Students in the county have three opportunities to confirm their schedules for the following year. We encourage students to read course descriptions, attend information nights, and talk with students and teachers so courses are carefully selected during the registration period. In the January to February timeframe, students submit course requests for the following year online with guidance from their parents. In the months of February and March counselors meet with students to discuss the course requests and confirm both their seven-course requests and three alternates. Copies of these requests are shared with the parents. In June, a list of the course requests is provided so students and parents have one final opportunity to make changes.

Can a student make a schedule change when the school year begins?

Our master schedule is created after the third and final attempt (see question above) to seek course request confirmations in June. Based on the number of requests for each course, sections are determined, staff needed, and teacher's line schedules determined so teachers can begin planning for the following year. Therefore, after the master is created, there are few, if any, slots available for change requests. We will, certainly, change a course if the student completed work over the summer (e.g., in summer school) and should be advanced to the next class in the sequence.

What are the graduation requirements for my student?

Students must earn a specific number of both credits and verified credits depending on graduation type. The graduation requirements are in the PWC Course Catalog. For convenience, we have also linked them to our counseling page. Please be sure to review the graduation requirements based on your student’s entry into the 9th grade and diploma type.

My student was home-schooled; can (s)he gets high school credit for high school grade level courses completed?

Please contact the student’s counselor for information and guidance.

Can my student earn college credit in high school?

Students can earn college credit with qualifying scores on aligned Cambridge and AP assessments. In some cases, this may also be done using a dual enrollment option. Please contact the student’s counselor for information on this option.

Why and when should summer school course inquiries be made?

Students take summer school courses both to make room in their schedule for another course the following year and to recover a course they previously failed. The most appropriate time to discuss summer school with the counselor is the May-June timeframe as they are finalizing course requests for the following year and can best predict their year-end grades.


What is the difference between the SAT and the ACT? When should I take these exams?

Both the SAT and the ACT are standardized tests that are used by nearly all colleges and universities in their admission processes. The SAT includes three sections (math, critical reading, and writing) and is scored on a 1600-point scale. The ACT includes five sections (math, reading, writing-optional, English, and science) and is scored on a 36-point scale. It is up to the student and parents to decide the best time to take either standardized test, but taking either test starting in January of their Junior year is a good time to start taking either test. For dates, the SAT will be administered at Brentsville, consult the Important Dates document on the main page of the website. View test dates and locations, and register:

How should I start my college search?

It is recommended you start by talking to your counselor. Naviance is a great tool to help you begin this process. It is highly recommended students do their own research, to include talking to older siblings, friends and Brentsville graduates. However, it is important students confirm any information gained from peers by visiting college websites.