Safety, Security and Parking

Mr. Sonny Barrickman - Security Specialist

Officer Davis - Prince William County Police School Resource Officer

As the school year begins, I want to make clear that the safety of students and staff and the security of our campus is the main concern of the security team here at Brentsville. We, along with our Prince William County Police School Resource Officer, Officer Davis, work hard to ensure that our students and staff are safe and comfortable while here on campus.

To meet these challenges of a safe campus, we ask for the assistance of students, staff, and parents. If any one of you feels that something needs to be addressed, please bring it to our attention as soon as possible.

Parking Passes

Student Parking Permit Application (PDF)
Parking passes will be sold to all who wish to make the purchase. All vehicles parked on campus during the school day must display a valid permit. The cost of a permit remains $100.00. Permits will be sold during all lunch shifts by the cafeteria.

Students will be required to complete a Student Parking Permit Application form (PDF), including a parent signature, before a permit may be purchased. Forms will be displayed on this page and can be filled out and copied and then brought to Mr. Barrickman or they can be picked up in the main office or in the security office, room 1310. Checks may be made payable to BDHS.

Passes can be purchased online using a credit card. The credit card company collects a $5.00 fee for this transaction so a pass purchased online will cost $105.00. If a pass is purchased using a check or cash, the cost will be 100.00 but cannot be purchased online.

Student parking will be in the main lot in front of the school. All student vehicles must be parked in marked spaces in the main lot. Students are not permitted to park in spaces marked for visitors, those painted and reserved by a senior, or in the few spaces reserved for staff.

Seniors that wish to paint their parking space should follow the direction of Dr. Meints. The application to do this, as well as the approval for the design, must be approved by her prior to decorating.


Lockers will be issued to all students who wish to have one by their advisory block teacher.

Computer Use

Go to the SRO Information page to get exciting information on monitoring your teen's computer use.

Mobile Devices

As the school year begins, students are reminded that cell phones are not permitted in classes. Even though this is the policy, we realize that students are going to have these devices at school. If in school, they should be placed in the school locker. We have never had a device stolen from a locked school locker.

In an effort to assist us in identifying these devices so they can be returned to their owners if they are lost or stolen, we ask that they be marked in some way and the serial number be kept on file at home. If we would recover or find a device, this would assist us in returning it to the rightful owner. Also, initiate the "find my phone" app to assist in locating the phone.

We have learned that when these devices are stolen, the perpetrators are able to remove the information on the device which makes it impossible to find the rightful owner unless other identification is available. When we have this information, we are more successful in locating the owner and returning the device.